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Alarmsystems GLADEN Engineering and Consulting Office for Security Business

Company Profile

Since 1992 Carsten Gladen is working in the field of technical security equipment for Consulting and installation. From 1995 until 2002 he was the managing director of Alarm systems OCCULUS Gmbh, which was growing under his leadership to a well-known security Company in Germany.

In 2002 he went out from OCCULUS to start his own professional Company Alarm systems GLADEN. The company has been awarded certifications that are recognized by the Fire department as well as Insurance companies as compliance to strict standards for Security and Safety design and implementation.
Gladen Engineering GmbH was incorporated in 2012 out from Alarmsystems Gladen to help facilitate and grow the business especially in Asia.

Our staffs of 17 well-trained Professionals (in Germany) and our professional partners in Indonesia are ready to assist customers in finding the right design and the right piece of equipment at a price you can afford.

We do (worldwide):

Consulting – Design – Planning – Assembling – Implementation

  • High Tech building safety and security concept
  • Remote control of building systems/functions with fire/intruder alarm system
  • Mechanical planning for doors and windows (fire safety and security)
  • Digital cylinder and locking system
  • Perimeter protection planning with radar systems, high-end fences and video analytic
  • Keeping abreast of latest technology and imparting the knowledge to new Projects
  • Complying with international and German standards
  • Consultation on existing systems for design efficiency improvements (Organization of Security Guards)

In Germany with our own Professionals and worldwide watching and organizing of:

  • Consulting and Planning
  • Installation
  • Setting to work
  • Acceptance from Insurances and Police or Fire Department
  • Maintenance

Areas of Expertise, products:

  • Intelligent video surveillance system
  • Hybrid CCTV system (analogue and IP)
  • CCTV camera ranges (540 TV Lines until HD Megapixel)
  • Video Management System
  • Intruder alarm system included high tech surveillance radar
  • Fire alarm system and fire protection
  • Access control system
  • Perimeter protection
  • Electronic locking cylinders
  • Mechanical Security (doors, windows, fences)

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