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Alarmsystems GLADEN Engineering and Consulting Office for Security Business

Alarmsystems GLADEN Engeneering and Consulting Office for Security Business is a solution finder for all kind of technical security needs.

Since 1992 Carsten Gladen is working in the field of technical security equipment for Consulting and installation. From 1995 until 2002 he was the managing director of Alarmsystems OCCULUS Gmbh, which was growing under his leadership to a well known security Company in Germany. In 2002 he went out from OCCULUS to start his own professional Company Alarmsystems GLADEN. This high professional Company get all the certifications which are needed in Germany. Our staff of 17 well trained Professionals (in Germany) are ready to assist customers in finding the right piece of equipment at a price you can afford.

We do (worldwide):

Consulting – Planning – Assembling

In Germany we do with our own professionals and worldwide we do watching and organising of:

  • Installation
  • Setting to work
  • Acceptance from Insurances and Police or Fire Department
  • Maintenance

Customized solutions we offer with state of the art products from Germany (only high quality and certified products):

  • Intruder Warning Systems
  • CCTV Video Solutions
  • Fire Warning Systems
  • Access Control Solutions

Our staff of more than 17 well trained professionals are ready to assist customers in finding the right professional solution with the matched piece of equipment at a price you can afford.

Network in Indonesia, Gladen Engineering is the contact person for the following high tech products in the Indonesian market:

  • Navtech Radar, Made in UK. Innovative surveillance radar solution for an indicative range up to 5000m. With AI and friend-or-foe solutions.
  • DroneShield made in Australia. Turn-key Counter-UAS solutions with AI to protect military, government and critical infrastructure throughout the world.
  • LOIBL-nighteyes made in Germany night vision oculars, NVGs and more
  • Simons Voss Technologies, Made in Germany. Innovative electronic cylinder and smart handle solutions.
  • iOmnicient Pty Ltd, provider of one of the World´s most comprehensive portfolio of Video Analytic products like face recognition in a crowd.
  • Weatherdock AG, leading manufacturer of electrical equipment for maritime navigation and safety purposes, Made in Germany.
  • in-innovative navigation GmbH, reliable high performance software solution for navigation, system integrator for radar and navigation, Made in Germany.
  • Helzel Messtechnik GmbH, Made in Germany. WERA Ocean radar for tsunami and ship detection, over the horizont radar, Made in Germany.



Latest projects in Asia

As since 2016 our projects are with the Indonesian military and with Indonesian government and public airports, details are restricted and cannot be published. Please

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